Forex Trading Systems – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Why do you need forex trading systems and strategies. In order to learn how to trade profitably, you need to learn and master several forex trading systems. The key to trading is becoming a master of multiple trading strategies, not a jack of all trades. A forex trading system is important because it gives you a structure, set of rules, and a plan to follow. This article covers some of the different types of forex trading strategies currently available in the forex market and shows you how to identify the best FX trading systems.

Indicator-driven trading system.

Extreme caution approaches, indicator driven strategies are often developed by someone who realizes that these settings are currently working. The problem is that it works for the time being and very little analysis is often done to understand the longevity of this forex trading system.

The biggest problem with an indicator-based forex trading system is that it uses indicators to generate trading signals as opposed to pure price action. Indicators are delayed and therefore tend to give worse, late signals than pure price movements, which are current information in the charts.

The latest flash of some gurus in pan trading strategies.

A trading system with the guaranteed promise that you will “never lose again and turn your computer into an ATM”; Unfortunately, the world is full of so-called “gurus” and their millionaires who make forex trading systems. Seasoned traders know that losing trades is part of the game, you will always have losers, and your winners must be willing to accept losses. Professional traders understand that no forex trading strategy is ever guaranteed, but with proven trading results and performance metrics, they focus on the bigger picture of success. The best way to avoid falling prey to this scam when you find a forex training company is to have proof of their live trading strategy. That way, you will understand the realistic and honest performance of your strategy.

A trading system that actually works …

Harmonious trading pattern.

Harmonious trading is the art of identifying certain price patterns along with Fibonacci extensions and retracements to calculate turning points in the financial markets. Confused? Harmonic trading is complex and takes a lot of time and practice to master, but it can be one of the best trading systems as it has a high risk-to-risk ratio and is very versatile. It can be traded in any market at any time.

If you are just starting to learn how to trade the market, your first focus should not be on harmonious trading patterns as it takes a lot of time and focus to understand them.

Old school trading strategy for technical analysis.

This particular trading system has been known in the forex community for many years and is well traded. The technical analysis includes; ascending triangle, consolidation breakout plus head and shoulders pattern, flag pattern to name a few.

The downside to this system is that many new traders find this approach to trading boring and consider it old fashioned. It lacks the luxury and excitement of an indicator-driven system. It’s not busy and flashy and unfortunately, inexperienced traders often mistake complexity for a sign of better performance and higher probabilities. But the reason old school technical analysis still exists is because it works and many skilled traders use it profitably in their own trading style. Aside from being less attractive, old-school technical analysis trading systems tend to have lower success rates that many people cannot or want to cope with. A lower success rate means that the profitable trades are usually very large, which makes the system profitable and worth learning as it gives you a solid foundation for learning the forex market.

Price action trading strategy.

Now that you’ve been waiting for, I reveal the best forex trading system you can learn, price action. Price action trading is reading the raw price action on a chart. The prices are the most current information on the charts so they will give you the most current situation as you read the charts. Price action as a forex trading system is a very simple method that is effective and functional as it works with and against trends in trending and starting markets. Studying price action can simplify your Forex trading and improve results dramatically You. With price action, a trader has the advantage of trading any market in any time frame since price action settings are effective under all market conditions.

Price Action Trading System to Learn:

1. Settings for the pin header.

Price Action Pin Bar The forex trading strategy is a reversal system. It is designed to trade the highs and lows of the market and can also be used in trend continuation by buying downtrends in an uptrend and selling tops in a downtrend.

2. Inner bar adjustments

Inside bars can be used very effectively in Forex trading. They are mainly used as a trend continuation strategy when trading a strong trending market.

3. Settings for the engulfing bar

Engulfing bars are great for trend reversals. They are rare but very strong signals of price reversal. Can be used when trading on a trend but is usually found at the end of a trend reversal.

4. Fake settings

False setups are a trending approach to trading that looks for false breakouts in deep bar formations. These settings are usually found on support and resistance levels, very similar to the pin bar settings. Fakeys are used to buy dips in an uptrend and sell tops in a downtrend.

Price Action Trading System … your first step.

Don’t get overwhelmed by focusing on a few price action trading strategies. Trade this setup with several different currency pairs. Start with a forex trading system with price promotions and only then add another trading system when you are really comfortable.