Profit and Loss Investing in Stocks

Profit and Loss of Investing in Stocks – There are many stories circulating about someone suddenly getting rich due to investing in stocks. One example is Warren Buffet, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and billionaire investor who suddenly got rich by investing in stocks.

The stock itself is one sort of investment that features a high risk or high risk, but also features a high return or called a high return. this suggests that an investor who takes a high risk will get a better return, and the other way around .

This is because stock prices can quickly change every hour in order that the worth of shares within the stock exchange is difficult to predict. Even many of us are tempted by the lure of massive profits, but within the end, they find yourself being harmed. Before you opt to play stocks, consider the subsequent advantages and risks of investing in stocks.

Advantages of Investing in Stocks

Capital Gain

A financial gain or increase in share price is that the take advantage of the difference between the asking price and therefore the price of shares given by a corporation to shareholders. this suggests that the asking price must be above the acquisition price.


Awarded to shareholders of investors. the larger the shares owned by the investor, the larger the dividend he will receive.


This means having ownership of a corporation in accordance with the share of shares owned. Also has the proper to attend the overall meeting of shareholders.

Disadvantages of Investing in Stocks

Capital Loss

A financial loss is that the opposite of financial gain , namely a decrease available prices. this example occurs when the asking price of the stock is less than the acquisition price.


Illiquid means the shares are less attractive, unpopular, and only a couple of are outstanding, so it’s very difficult to resell the shares.


Delisting may be a situation when there’s a delisting of shares on the Indonesia stock market which ends up within the shares not being transactable through the IDX. this is often due to the company’s inability to be disrupted or due to its own request.

Those were a number of the pros and cons of investing in stocks, hopefully, it’ll be useful.