Indonesia’s Best Car Insurance 2021

Aca Auto Insurance Finding the right auto insurance is not easy. In order to get the right car insurance, we usually compare different existing insurances.

In addition, Indonesia itself has a wide variety of auto insurance providers, especially auto insurance.

One of them is ACA, which offers fast and convenient auto insurance services.

Aca Auto Insurance customer service certainly offers a guarantee as a form of protection, damage, loss or loss of vehicles of any kind by:

The possibility of having risks guaranteed by the rights of the insurance company through the motor insurance system.

What is car insurance?

PT Assurance Central Asia (ACA) is a non-life insurance company based in Indonesia.

In addition, PT was founded on August 29, 1956 under the name MAkаі Aѕurа Orіental NV and renamed PT Aura Central Asia on August 5, 1958.

Motor vehicle insurance has been operating in Indonesia for over 50 years and has 42 branches and 23 agencies in major Indonesian cities.

ACA’s core insurance products also include the insurance products ASRI (rореrtі), OTOMATE (vehicle insurance) and mkr® insurance products against Berter fever.

There are also other auto insurance products including Auto Insurance, Construction, Transportation, Airframe, and New Travel Safe.

Med + (health insurance), Wellwoman (women’s cancer insurance) and many more.

Which vehicle types then fall under the “compulsory insurance”? All types of vehicles can be helped.

Also known as two-wheeled carts, are all used vehicles and motorcycles, British-style vehicles, trucks and buses, and vans without trucks

Interestingly, additional equipment or accessories attached to the car can also be part of the insurance.

Conditions for applying for insurance online

You can make a car insurance claim online and you will later be asked to fill out an online form that you can open

http: //www.аса.со.іd/klam.аѕрx.

In the form you need to fill in:



Postal code


home phone

Office phone


fax machine


Relationship to the first

Information guarantee

Police number

Policeman’s name

Types of Aurania

Police Publishing House

Incident information

Autumn date

Alleged cause of damage

In what form has he suffered losses?

After the synchronization you will be contacted by the ACA Fund Manager

ACA auto insurances are available to car owners, both natural and commercial, who wish to insure their cars.

Then the guarantees that different Indonesian insurance companies offer are different. Call it a basic warranty and a warranty extension.

Includes Basic Comprehensive and Total Loss / TLO.

And how do I report an insurance claim? ACA is an insurance company that provides quick and easy procedures and tools for ACA insurance claims.

The order of filing claims is as follows:

ACA has suffered too much damage / Hotlnе ACA brakes. ACA is ready to serve users through the 24 hour hotline.

Crash reports can also be emailed to

After notification, you will receive the latest number from the ACA Claims Administrator.

In addition, before filing a claim, you will be asked to fill out a number of documents.

In addition, the officers will conduct investigations by taking photos of vehicles and also reviewing inspections of dire events that have occurred.

Claims are provided by rosés and information about the estimated time until the claim can be canceled.