Online Savings Application, What are the Recommendations?

Web-saving application, what recommendations? There are several applications that can be used for storage and that can be used online. These various applications are very important in order to develop the needs and convenience of financial transactions. So what is recommended for online storage?


This application is an application that is present as an innovation in digital banking. Where you can record online and help with many other online events. Opening a great savings account is also very easy, users don’t have to go to the bank.

The functions of the Yenius are very different, such as save, send, pay me, etc. Each feature also has its own advantages to provide the best service to its users. Of course, if you save online, you don’t have to queue at the bank.


The existence of this online savings program, namely Ipotpay, where attractive event services greatly facilitate the users. In other words, online and even the benefits of using Ipotpay have a return, or it is also called a 10% return per year. In addition, Ipotpay’s online transaction service makes it very easy to make existing payments, such as buying credit, shopping online, etc.

For other uses, the Ipotpay service also gives you the freedom to transfer, but without any special restrictions. Even this one savings application is actually tax free and money can be withdrawn anytime, anywhere. It’s great that you can save money online with an easy-to-use service.


OVO’s presence is currently also an alternative to online savings that can be used. Not only that, OVO also offers easy payment transactions for different types of payments as well as transfers to other banks and other OVOs. In addition, OVO has an online mutual fund function that makes it easier to invest through OVO.

With this digital application, users can save a lot of money and they can also easily transfer to any bank or bank for different payment purposes. Even this investment feature of mutual funds makes OVO superior and it is highly recommended to be able to open up future financing opportunities by preparing the best investments.

BCA Mobile

For those who want to get a lot of premium services, the BCA mobile app is the choice. Users can run various events smoothly only online. In order to make transfers, payments, purchases and obtain information about other BCA services.

With this online savings program, users can be sure to make financial transactions very easily. Certainly in the current digital age, when everything needs to be done quickly, this offers the best opportunities to save money and other activities. Thus, all matters related to financial matters can be arranged easily and flexibly.