Free Trade Nightmare Continues

Free trade is a continuous nightmare. Free trade continues to be the main cause behind our economic and social problems. It has a long history of failure. Our own federal-sponsored factory has moved out of the United States since 1956. This was the same year that the Suez crisis exposed the international financial crisis. The program was considered temporary to test the potential of moving factories to Mexico at low prices for US consumers. The program never ends, and somewhere in the process it is branded as free trade, but it’s not really about product trade. It evolved into the Maquiladora factory program in Mexico, which was used by poor workers to manufacture products for American consumers. Obviously, as everyone knows, the process influenced American work. Labor value in the United States is declining and deflating. Over time, more and more American workers are losing their jobs due to so-called free trade. By 1992, more than 2,000 American factories had moved to Mexico. The United States is suffering from the greatest job turmoil in history, including the Great Depression, where millions of workers have lost their jobs and thousands of businesses have been closed as a result of this economic illness.

Then, in 1994, President Clinton came and asked for approval of the NAFTA-GATT free trade agreement. This represents more than 20 years of unsuccessful experiments. The treaty was drafted by Elder Bush. (After President Clinton implemented the deal, the number of factories migrating to Mexico doubled to more than 4,000, which curtailed the influx of Mexican workers coming to the United States. From 1994 to 1995, Mexican pesos were hit, threatening the value of money, pesos, and their economies around the world.

President Clinton wanted more money for this bailout, but Congress set limits. President Clinton said he would get more money through the International Fund to save what happened. I don’t know how much he got, but it’s a lot. It reveals how the value of money is manipulated by the world’s sources of funding, as the free trade economy influences the value of money internationally. In recent years, many countries have faced similar serious money problems caused by the free trade economy. Free trade is the separation of investment and production. The two functions are separated from each other to make money with money, rather than making something. The investment community is free from the need to protect workers and their values ​​for profit.

Wall Street rewards companies that have reduced their high-stock employees. It will appear in your portfolio as if your company is improving efficiency. It’s called efficiency for profit and is to find a cheaper labor market. As a result, the United States has experienced the most mass worker turmoil in its history. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Thousands of companies have been closed. In Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania alone, more than 1,000 computer and home systems companies have been shut down. Millions of workers have lost their jobs in the computer industry as hundreds of computer makers closed doors and traded with foreign makers. It should be noted that our high-tech manufacturing could have been hit harder than the so-called Rust Belt industrial base. In the early days of the computer era, there were many articles about workers who needed to find more ways to enjoy their free time as computers were freed from their daily work.

Workers today have more free time because they have less full-time work. Only about 38 percent of all US workers are eligible for unemployment insurance. This means that more than 60 percent of all workers live in some unreported economic uncertainty. Why is this fact not reported?

Our leaders say that in order to compete in the global economy, we need to acquire more skills and more. Who says we also have to compete in the world economy? We have a huge industrial power because we are in a global economic arena where workers are located in the world trade bloc to compete with each other for equal pay for equal work to pay slaves and child labor. I’m losing. A new working class was created in our country and replaced the middle class with a class of production workers in the race to the bottom.

President Obama was supposed to save the free trade economy in 2008, but he saved huge profits and forgot the plight of millions of unemployed people and businesses that were distressed by free trade. Why does everyone want to continue this financial madness?

President FD Roosevelt said economic illness is highly contagious. The cancer of the free trade economy continues to spread and both major parties support the process. Ask your political leaders that this is a way to compete in the field of the world economy. This is an economic nightmare, an economic illness, and an economic frenzy.